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IT Support

“Continuous Professional Support”

IT Support

Every company needs dedicated help and technical expertise in the proactive management and day-to-day running of their IT systems and infrastructure. Your organisation has its own technical support needs, determined by the demands of your business operation and users. In partnership with you Epic IT match the service level to your business needs from a range of packaged support plans.

Our support plans are based upon delivering proactive maintenance rather than just providing reactive support. With each of our plans we aim to offer a comprehensive on-going support programme designed to deliver best value to our customers. Our internal support desk, management systems and procedures help us to ensure that we deliver support in a reliable, consistent and efficient way, every time. The plans we offer are modular too which means you can tailor our support services to your exact needs.

Please take a look at one of our support plans below or contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.

Epic provide comprehensive support all round.

What Client's Say

 3 years ago, we successfully installed our long awaited Wi-Fi Internet portal throughout our entire hotel. The St. David’s Hotel is now able to offer reliable internet at affordable prices to all of our customers. A great solution and great install all round…thank you Epic !

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