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Managed Hosting

“Efficient & Effective Website Hosting”

Managed Hosting

Quality and performance is never compromised when it comes to Epic IT’s hosting solutions. Hosting is a serious part of all online businesses. For instance, where to host your website isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. In fact it is arguably the most potent weapon in your business’s armoury.
The data centre in which you entrust the security of your business data needs to meet your individual physical and technical requirements. Our centrally located state-of-the-art data centre provides the perfect cloud based hosting environments to respond to the needs of even our most demanding clients. There are multiple, redundant 10Gbps connections between the data centre and the Internet and the data centre was designed and built using the latest and most efficient ‘green’ technology to minimise our carbon footprint.
All servers hosted by Epic IT are supervised and examined on a continuous basis. We monitor all of the servers that we host 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We look for and rectify uptime problems, disk space and critical issues, we apply necessary security patches and undergo all other checks that can be imagined. If you need something else checked we can monitor this for you too.
For more information or to discuss your Managed Hosting requirements, please call 0207 458 4800 or email [email protected] today.

What Client's Say

 3 years ago, we successfully installed our long awaited Wi-Fi Internet portal throughout our entire hotel. The St. David’s Hotel is now able to offer reliable internet at affordable prices to all of our customers. A great solution and great install all round…thank you Epic !

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