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Hosted Exchange

“Email Access From All Locations”

Hosted Exchange

Being able to communicate quickly and efficiently with colleagues, clients, suppliers and stakeholders is the lifeblood of any business. Not only is Microsoft Exchange a robust and feature-rich product, but by hosting your mail in our secure data centres there will be no need to invest thousands into a bespoke in-house Exchange server. Instead you will have complete email synchronisation and our support at your fingertips.
Hosted Exchanges are increasingly becoming popular cloud services that Epic IT offer. In basic terms it is the supply (or hosting) of your emails via ‘the cloud’ giving you access to all your emails as and when your need them, at a touch of a button from any location.
There is a range of Hosted Exchange solutions available to the public. We tend to be different to other companies, in that each solution we build and provide is clear and specific to each and every client. All of our Exchange solutions benefit from full server monitoring, server backups and anti-virus and email scanning services.
We are positioned to be able to offer any service required by any client.
For more information or to discuss your Hosted Exchange requirements, please call 0207 458 4800 or email today.

What Client's Say

 Quality work and friendliness is why we choose to work with Epic IT. No problem is too small for them. As I have had to call them on many occasions with all sorts of IT problems. They always manage to fix for me.

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