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(Q) What is a Managed Service Provider?
(A) As a Managed IT Service Provider, we offer the complete spectrum of support services and managed solutions, all under one roof. Our team of Microsoft accredited developers and analysts are always at hand to help you!
(Q) What Managed Services do Epic IT offer?
(A) Epic IT provides a comprehensive cluster of IT solutions to suite your business needs. Managed Services include IT support, server hosting, software maintenance and networking. Other specialist services include network monitoring, 24/7 user support, online backup and virtualisation, cloud computing, disaster recovery and hardware maintenance.

(Q) How would Epic IT Services benefit my business?
(A) Our Managed Services are tried and tested. We….

  1. ...understand your IT needs in context of your entire business
  2. ...provide open, candid advice, where your business IT issues are our first concern
  3. ...are detailed, thorough and obsessive about ensuring nothing is missed
  4. ... provide consistent customer service and are always at hand to support and improve your business where necessary
  5. ...ensure results, installing IT solutions that deliver greater IT control and efficiency
  6. ...are committed and professional and prefer to be the best at what we do
(Q) What is the standard pricing for Epic IT’s Managed Services?
(A) Epic IT doesn’t believe in a structured pricing model. We believe in getting our clients the best available IT Services within their needs and budget.

(Q) Do you have to be a large organisation to use IT Service Management?
(A) No. Epic IT will provide IT Service Management to some of the smallest businesses, whether you have a team of 2 or a team of 200. At Epic IT we cater for all.

(Q) Why should I use managed IT Support rather than Consulting Services?
(A) Consulting Services are very expensive. Epic IT provide exceptional IT management and 24/7 customer support. We monitor your infrastructures to ensure that there are no health issues and attempt to solve any issues before they have a chance to disrupt your business. We do this at cheap and affordable prices.

(Q) What is Cloud Computing?
(A) Cloud Computing is the general term for something that involves the delivery of hosted services over the Internet. A cloud service has three distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from traditional hosting methods. It can be supplied on demand, by the hour or by the minute; it is expandable which allows the user to have as much or as little of a service as required; and the service is fully managed by the provider, requiring the consumer to need nothing more than a personal computer (or mobile device) and internet access.

(Q) What if I have a network or technical problem after business hours or over the weekend?
(A) Epic IT is open 24/7 for all our clients. Our IT support is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call us anytime!

(Q) Will I receive Remote Support?
(A) Yes. Epic IT will try to rectify you IT problems remotely. If your IT Services can’t be solved remotely we will send out one of our experienced IT technicians to your site to resolve any issues you're having.

(Q) Does Epic IT offer both on-site and remote services?
(A) Epic IT likes to offer its clients’ the best of both worlds. We have learned over the years that our clients’ benefit from both on-site visits and remote services. Our Service is both affordable and comprehensive, offering our clients full Support.

(Q) Can you recommend or purchase hardware and software on my behalf?
(A) Yes. Epic IT will only offer unbiased recommendations. Our recommendations are based on our clients’ needs and budgets. Epic IT has strong relationships with the biggest names in the IT industry (Cisco, Dell, Veeam to name a few) so we are confident that we can get you the best possible prices available.