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VoIP Telephony

“Cheaper Calls, Cheaper Bills”

VoIP Telephony

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or Internet Telephony, is a method of receiving and transmitting voice calls by converting your voice into digital ‘packets’ - exactly the same way your email and web browsing is transmitted.
By combining the way your business communicates - voice, email, data and video - into a single, secure network, you will increase productivity and make real-time and significant cost savings.

Epic IT is a 3CX Silver Partner and we are experienced in the specification and delivery of IP telephony solutions to SME’s. The benefits to your business of switching to Internet Telephony are immediate.

​Your hardware and maintenance costs are reduced because control and management become more efficient and less complex to administer
  • Internet Telephony utilises the technology that drives your existing internet infrastructure
  • Internet Telephony is more robust and scalable than traditional phone lines
  • Remote workers can connect using a broadband connection from anywhere in the world
  • Individual call charges are slashed because each call is carried as far as possible over the internet
We supply and support basic telephony features such as call processing, voicemail and music on hold as well as larger solutions suitable for Call Centres requiring full system management.
For more information or to discuss your VoIP Telephony requirements, please call 0207 458 4800 or email [email protected] today.

What Client's Say

 3 years ago, we successfully installed our long awaited Wi-Fi Internet portal throughout our entire hotel. The St. David’s Hotel is now able to offer reliable internet at affordable prices to all of our customers. A great solution and great install all round…thank you Epic !

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